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Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities

As the top executive of the Institution, the President is accountable to the Minister for institutional activities as well as the performance and operations of the staff members positioned under him. The President has the following powers, duties and liabilities:

  • Manage the Institution in compliance with the Constitution, laws, government programme and policies and strategies set by the Cabinet.
  • Formulate policies and strategies concerning issues within the institutional field of activity, set annual goals and objectives in line with the policies and strategies, define performance criteria, prepare the work program and budget of the Institution, conduct the necessary administrative and legislative regulatory activities. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate implementation in parallel with the strategies, objectives and performance criteria.
  • Supervise activities and operations of the Institution, review management systems, oversee the Institutional structure and efficiency of the management systems and improve management.
  • Facilitate cooperation and coordination with other institutions and organizations on issues within the institutional field of activity.
  • Present the projects and activities to be supported in scope of the Programme to the approval of the Commission, sign contracts with the individuals and agencies to be supported and approve realization of payments for them. Approve any contract modifications and termination of the contracts.
  • Commission preparation of the required information, documents and reports and submit them to the relevant authorities.