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President Dr. Ahmet Antalyalı stated regarding the IPARD III Programme - 1st Call Announcement with a grant budget of 66 million euros for entrepreneurs, "Our citizens may apply to our Institution for their projects until May 9th."

Antalyalı, during his statement on the "Agriculture and Forestry Agenda" program broadcasted live on Web Tarım TV, hosted by Yeliz Yılmaz, highlighted a significant innovation implemented by ARDSI within the scope of the IPARD III Programme. He mentioned that for the first time, they have published an annual schedule, which means it is clearly declared to the public from this very moment which measures will be announced with specific deadlines over the whole year.

He elaborated, “Firstly, we have announced measures related to the processing and marketing of agricultural and fisheries products. Our citizens may submit their projects related to this until May 9th. Red meat slaughterhouses and integrated facilities will be supported. We provide up to 3 million euros in grant support at the base rate of 50% of the investment value, for the facilities with maximum daily capacity of 500 cattle and 4,000 sheep, so to speak. Additionally, we provide an additional 20% grant to producer organizations, resulting in a total grant rate of 70%. Furthermore, if they invest in waste management and renewable energy, we provide an additional 10% grant on their expenses. For poultry slaughterhouses, we only offer modernization support. Our brothers will be able to establish slaughterhouses capable of processing up to 7,000 broilers and 1,000 turkeys per hour. Maximum 5 tons of daily production is to be supported for the meat processing and cutting facilities. We will also support daily capacity of 3 tons in dairy products and establish milk collection centers. We have fruit and vegetable drying and packaging facilities with an investment amount of up to 1.25 million euros. The upper limit for aquaculture processing sector is 2,000 tons with grants of up to 1.5 million euros. As a new measure, we have included the egg processing sector. We provide support for liquid and powdered eggs. For liquid eggs, the daily capacity will be between 3-10 tons, and for powdered eggs, the daily capacity will be between 5-10 tons. Our most fundamental innovation is that we are now implementing the Programme in all 81 provinces, instead of being limited to 42 provinces.”

33 thousand jobs for women employed by 6,500 entrepreneur women

Antalyalı expressed that they have supported 6,500 investor women, so far.

Antalyalı indicated that 33,000 women have been employed thanks to the cited investments. He stated, "We also have nearly 15,000 young investors. Therefore, women and youth are our priority. Why are they our priority? Because we cannot imagine a life in the rural area without women and youth. As you know, there is an aging problem in agriculture worldwide. Therefore, we desire for our young brothers and sisters to be nourished and happy where they were born, and also to contribute to the country's economy. 67% of the grants we provide goes to the youth, and 30% goes to investor women.”

Antalyalı stated that to date, more than 25,000 projects, totaling approximately 100 billion liras, have been implemented. He mentioned that they have disbursed a total of 45 billion liras in grants for these projects and provided employment for 101,000 citizens.

Antalyalı emphasized that they make investments in line with European Union standards and highlighted that they are preparing Türkiye for the future in terms of environment, waste management, and other related issues.