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Ahmet Antalyalı, the President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution stated, "This year, we announced the annual call schedule for the first time."

"We are launching the first call for agricultural and fisheries products under the IPARD III programme."

- "248 million euros of grant support is going to be available for the investors with IPARD III calls to be announced in 2024, which means 450 million euros of investment and employment opportunities for roughly 20 thousand people.”

Reporting that they have announced a call for applications today for processing and marketing of agricultural and fisheries products, in scope of the IPARD III Programme, President Antalyalı highlighted "A total sum of 248 million euros is going to be payable in grant support with the 2024 calls of the IPARD III programme, resulting in 450 million euros of investment and employment for 20 thousand people.”

Antalyalı gave remarks to an Anadolu Agency correspondent regarding the implementation of the IPARD III Program in all 81 provinces. Reminding that an annual calendar of calls have been issued for 2024 in scope of the programme, President Antalyalı stated “For the first time, we have announced an annual calendar of call this year. Starting from this very day, the call for projects regarding the processing and marketing of agriculture and fisheries products is accessible on our website. Our citizens may submit their applications until May 9, 2024. The calls will follow in June and August for other measures.”

Antalyalı informed that the applications would be received by 42 provincial coordination units as well as the contact offices in other provinces and the investments would be started once the applications are assessed and the eligible projects are declared. The President went on to say, “Under the IPARD III Programme, 248 million euros of grant support will be made available in 2024 calls, resulting in 450 million euros of investment and employment for 20 thousand people. Grant rate ranges from 50 to 75 percent. Originally, IPARD III programme budget was 555 million euros. We have foreseen a significant surge in demands, with the scope of the programme extended from 42 to 81 provinces. In response to this demand, our government has increased the co-financing share of the national budget from 25 to 50 percent. Thus, we are able to support our citizens with grants over 785 million euros. The grant budget will enable 1,2 billion euros of investment, through which we plan to create employment for 50 thousand citizens roughly. We will see to utilization of our funds in compliance with the Ministry’s plans.”

President Antalyalı pointed out to the productions planning by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and remarked, "We have considered also the capacity utilization rates by the potentials of each province. We have been offering our funds for use in full compliance with the plans of the Ministry. For instance, we will not support milking cow projects to be implemented on locations with a scarce of water resources; while prioritizing such in locations with abundant water, on the other hand. The priorities of provinces matter to us. Quality project applications are of great importance at this point.”

President Antalyalı highlighted that rural development investments have a range of multiplier effects, contributing significantly to economy and that they are working hard as the whole Ministry to intensify them.

- Powdered and liquid egg producers to be offered grants

Reporting that new sectors have been eligible for support under the IPARD III porgramme, President Antalyalı noted, "For instance, the egg sector has periodically encountered challenges stemming from surplus supply. We will henceforth extend our support to facilities engaged in the production of powdered and liquid eggs. Further, there exists rural infrastructure support targeted towards our municipalities. We are poised to offer grants up to 100 percent in domains such as electricity, roads, and water. Additionally, we will introduce new forms of grants in support of forage plant production.”

Antalyalı emphasized the investors should pay attention to the potential of their regions when preparing projects, stating that conducting feasibility studies would be crucial.

Antalyalı advised investors to consult with ARDSI when making decisions, adding that the institution's doors are always open to citizens.