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The Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution will provide grant support totaling 785 million euros to project applicants between 2021 and 2027 under the "IPARD III Programme," which will commence in all 81 provinces.

Under the scope of the "IPARD III Programme – 1st Call for Applications" published on the official website of ARDSI today, investments in cold storage facilities, milk collection centers, establishment and modernization of processing facilities will be supported in the sectors of processing and marketing of meat, dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

Applications are going to be accepted until May 9, 2024 by ARDSI Provincial Coordination Units and Contact Offices operating in the city where the investment is planned.

During the call period, a total of 66 million euros in grant support will be provided to investors. During the call for applications period, investors can visit the Provincial Coordination Units and Provincial Contact Offices or dial “444 85 35 ARDSI Support Desk” hotline for information.

25,243 Investment Projects and 100,000 Employment Opportunities   

Since 2011, within the scope of the IPARD Programme, a total of 25,243 projects have been implemented in 42 provinces, supported with a total grant sum of 44.7 billion Turkish Lira. The businesses have provided employment for 100,000 citizens.

Production facilities contribute to EU accession process of Türkiye by adhering to the European Union (EU) hygiene and environmental standards and utilizing high-level information technology in their operations. Türkiye is recognized in the European Commission reports as the most successful country in implementing the IPARD Programme.