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Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic of Türkiye, Hrvoje Cvitanovic visited ARDSI President Dr. Ahmet Antalyalı.

Starting his remarks mentioning the long-standing sound economic relations and cooperation of two states, His Excellency Cvitanovic noted that they saw further potential in the bilateral relations with many fields being unattended so far.

Ambassador Cvitanovic, accompanied by Minister Counselor Mario Zadro, suggested that rural tourism and agro-tourism have a great potential of economic cooperation considering the various geographical and industrial characteristic of Croatia. He mentioned their country has much to offer for Turkish investors with the marinas, numerous islands, national parks, small and medium-size rural touristic facilities, state-supported agro-tourism initiatives and the tourism schools enabling the students to observe the western practice of hospitality management thanks to access to the Schengen area. He also noted that there are already many businesspeople active in the country with majority of investments concentrating along the Adriatic coast and even some Turkish businesspeople who have been granted the title of honorary envoys. He concluded his remarks underlining that an improved cooperation between the two states would be beneficial for both sides, since Croatia is a big market opening to EU and the rural and agro tourism potential of Croatia has remarkable opportunities to offer for Turkish partners as experienced partners in rural and agro-tourism as well as the other branches of industry.

Mr. Cvitanovic invited President Antalyalı to the 6th International Rural Tourism Congress to be organized on 10th–13th April.

ARDSI supported over 1000 rural tourism projects

President Antalyalı highlighted that ARDSI has 13 years of experience in rural tourism and they have been promoting the great potential of Türkiye since 2011 with over a thousand rural tourism projects they have supported so far.

Pointing out to the fact that rural population is particularly insterested in agro-tourism, which would be significant tool for preventing rural depopulation due to inter-regional development gaps, Antalyalı remarked “It is not sufficient to support the livestock projects in the rural area. Agro-tourism projects have assumed a way more influential role in keeping the rural people in their hometowns. We would be pleased to exchange experiences with Croatia in this field.”

President Antalyalı stated he would commission a working group to explore the ways of further cooperation and offered coming together once again to discuss the outcomes, ending the meeting expressing his gratitude for the Ambassador’s kind visit and invitation.